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James Worthy: Lakers must capitalize on overcoming adversity

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The Lakers need to use the last seven minutes of the Hornets game as an example of the way they should play for the rest of the season.

There have been plenty of moments this season where it looked like they were about to turn a corner, only to take a step backwards. To comeback and fight like they did Wednesday night against the Hornets (especially after the disappointing loss in OKC), shows that they are still capable of coming together, and winning.

You could see the synergy between Kobe and Dwight. They really worked well together on both ends of the court with Dwight dominating on the defensive end and Kobe, as usual, killing them on the offensive end. For one of the first times this season, they looked tough, efficient, and confident.

Now the challenge is capturing that feeling, taking this moment and carrying it through the rest of the season. They can do it. On Wednesday, the Lakers proved that every single player on the team is able to scrap and play hard.

My advice for the Lakers is to take the tape from that game and throw out everything except the last 7 minutes. They need to sit down and watch how they played in those last seven minutes. Learn from that final part of the game and play like that the rest of the season.

If they can come together and use this as a bonding experience, play with that intensity and toughness every game for the entire game, and continue to grow and learn from their mistakes, the Lakers chances at making the playoffs are much improved. I believe they can do it. I know the fans believe they can do it. Now they have to believe, and play accordingly.

Dr. Buss, we know you are watching!

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