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James Worthy: Lakers must continue to play like a team in tough stretch

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The Lakers are finally starting to look like a cohesive team and it’s paying dividends as they are officially in the playoffs picture.

Staying there isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to rely on the team’s ability to exercise mind over matter and win throughout a tough stretch of games.

The Lakers now face a tough part of their schedule where they must play 10 of their last 18 games on the road, play four back-to-backs and have nine matchups against teams with winning percentages above .500.

Being on the road isn’t easy — and winning on the road (11-20) hasn’t been easy for the Lakers this season — but it can give the team a chance to bond and build team chemistry.

They need to use this time together as a chance to sharpen their mental focus, continue this newfound sense of urgency and realize their new winning formula.

It won’t be easy with Utah, Golden State and Houston -all tough teams, vying for those final playoff spots. If Kobe and Dwight continue to lead by example, and they take this opportunity on the road to foster team chemistry, the Lakers can and should prevail.

Recently, the Lakers have played team ball on both ends of the court. They have shown they are capable of overcoming adversity. Now, let’s see if they can do it on the road with time running out.

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