- Part 4

Pivotal game against defending Champs!

Tonight’s game vs. the Miami Heat may be the most important game of this season.  Yes, the Lakers have had some obstacles to overcome this year, you know them all: two coaches, two new offenses, injuries, etc. All the above would slow any team, but, there are no excuses; they still have to overcome them. The Lakers seem to finally be healthy and making some progress, but still need consistent defense and bench play because Miami will test...

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Time to get busy, Lakers

I know it’s been tough for Laker fans to experience this season’s debacle. With so much anticipation due to the arrival of Nash and Howard, joining Kobe, Pau and Metta, it caused everyone to pick the Lakers to reemerge as a dominant team, at least in the West. Although a little older and not as quick, I said to myself: “still got the experience” and for the first time since Magic, a point guard that could enhance everyone around him,...

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Better late than never

I got a bit of flack for being late to work the other day. In case you missed it, the team over at www.twcsportsnet.com put a video together sort of poking fun at the whole thing. You can watch it below. The producers over at Time Warner Cable SportsNet thought it was worth putting on air. They are all really cool with a good sense of humor. So we all had a good laugh. And then I saw people talking about on Twitter and Facebook. So I thought...

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